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Stefanie offers Miami yoga services and experiences. Stefanie’s has taught a variety of classes and has enjoyed working with seniors, children, athletes, active military members, wounded veterans, beginners, and children with special needs. Stefanie has experience working as a physical therapy aid for children and adults.


Her previous work experiences have highly influenced her teaching style. She places a strong emphasis on individual care.

The goal Stefanie has for each class is to create a fresh and meaningful experience, by offering fluid, creative and challenging sequences, focusing on alignment and breath.


A unique spiritual message is shared and integrated into the practice, offering a challenge to students both mentally and physically, and most valuable of all, self gratitude. With refined alignment and intelligent sequencing she guides you into a lifelong sustainable practice.

Stefanie’s classes are a celebration of life, connection and mindfulness.  As a Miami yoga teacher, Stefanie Messinger is forever grateful to her students and mentors who continue to inspire and grow with her. 



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